You’re nobody in VulcanVerse without your own personal scroll detailing your history, title, factions, associations and sigil or logo. As an added bonus, if you commission the Record Keeper to create your scroll, your history will also be entered into your own page in the publicly viewable House of Records.

Simply complete the below form, click ‘pay now’ and make payment and the Record Keeper will make a start..


2,500 VET – for a personalised NFT scroll & House of Records special page with infobox.

4,500 VET – for a personalised NFT scroll & House of Records special page with infobox + design of a unique sigil / logo.

(Wallet address given after form completion)

Fever Taylor Scroll

Note – this is character lore for your in world avatar. The three sections at the bottom are for your personal details.

The name you (or the adventurer the scroll is for) goes by in VulcanVerse
A title. For example 'The Record Keeper', 'Warrior of Iskandria' etc. Leave blank if you don't have one.
List any associated groups or factions here - ie 'Member of the SHAman', 'Acolyte of Ryan', 'Notus Guild' etc
Write as much or as little as you like. Some of this will be going on the scroll - the rest will be used for a unique character House of Records page
Tell us what symbol or symbols you want on your coat of arms and in what colours.
If yes, send it to
To enable us to contact you about queries etc
Please provide an email address for us to contact you should there be any queries.
Yours or, if sending as a gift / to someone else, their $VET wallet address. Note - you need a wallet capable of viewing NFTs such as VeChainThor or Comet VeChain Wallet.