1. Create a login – you can’t edit without one.
  2. Do not vandalise records.. your login will tell us who you are and you will be banned and void from future prizes and competitions.
  3. The House of Records is for VulcanVerse lore, historical records, places, Vulcanites and the new history created by the VulcanVerse’s present, human owners – including prominent characters, buildings, factions, guilds, battles and events. It is not for game related information (formats, spec, graphics, controls etc). If you feel that this is needed, please use the ‘Discussion’ tab on each page to record it.
  4. The House of Records runs on MediaWiki – this is the same system used by Wikipedia and several other prominent websites. If you have previously made edits on Wikipedia or similar, you’ll feel at home here!
  5. If you’re unsure, search engines are your friend. Ask a question like ‘How do I create a page on MediaWiki?
  6. Attempt to edit in the general style of the House of Records. Write from a neutral point of view. Neutral point of view does not mean simply writing in the third person.
  7. If your page or edit does not meet House of Records standards, it can and will be removed – but in most cases, it will be edited to improve the way it reads.
  8. Notability. Not everything in VulcanVerse is notable enough to appear in the records. You had a conversation with your neighbour that led to a grudge and fight between your Vulcanites? Not notable. This then led to the creation of a faction or a full scale battle between groups of people? Yes, that’s notable and that first bit of history on how it began can be included in the records.
  9. Make good edits, prove yourself a trustworthy scribe, and you will receive a new title and a reward scroll (in NFT form).