Early VulcanVerse access for chosen mortals

Fate was with a selection of people on 31st December 2020 as Vulcan allowed entry to his proto-Gardens of Arcadia. Vulcan instructed these devoted followers to test out the boundaries of his world – to use the god-forged tools he had provided to sculpt the land, to build up to the heavens and to dig deep into the earth.

A stream meanders alongside a small fort in the proto-Gardens of Arcadia

A flood, plagues of Vulcanites, banished builders and strange meteorological events aside, Vulcan’s world came to life. Once Vulcan was satisfied with Arcadia, he allowed mortals into a proto-Desert of Notus, where people were greeted by sun scorched sands, palm trees and pyramid mausoleums.

A first sight of a Pyramid Mausoleum by night in the proto-Desert of Notus

In the background, outside of the early world, from realms unseen by human eyes, Vulcan allowed the introduction of several new Vulcanites. These Vulcanites will be ready to accompany new people – including those who are not landowners, when they arrive in VulcanVerse. This is different to previously announced Vulcanites, who will only be allowed to accompany people when that person is a landowner in the same habitat the Vulcanite hails from and has a suitably built plot to accommodate said Vulcanite.

It is only a matter of time before landowners will be able to settle on their plots when VulcanVerse is officially opened for the first time…

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