A new dawn comes
Grounds of the Summer Palace

A new dawn comes

Welcome to the first of the VulcanVerse Chronicles from the House of Records.

As I write, the forge is scorching hot, Vulcan is hard at work and he is close to completing preparation of VulcanVerse, Vulcan’s new Olympus, for the arrival of the first mortal inhabitants. These first inhabitants will be given access to some land for a short, but as yet indeterminate length of time, to push the tools he will provide us with to the limit.

Some of you, unfamiliar with the work of the God Vulcan, may be reading this unsure of what is being worked on. Vulcan, known to many as the ancient Roman God of fire has been, for a few months, forging a world for human habitation. This world is a virtual one that humans can be transported to. Over one-thousand were lucky enough to purchase land plots of their own within VulcanVerse. This few have been granted a special status by Vulcan – that of the Old Guard. Vulcan is providing a blank canvas and a host of building tools and assets for landowning mortals to use in creating a world that the Gods will be proud of.

VulcanVerse is divided into quadrants, with a fifth area, Vulcan City, seated in the centre. These areas are, however, not empty. There are ancient buildings, ruins, flora and fauna. There are Vulcanites. Information on all of these things can be found through Vulcan’s official information outlet, here, or through the many books and scrolls of the House of Records.

In the last days of Earth’s December in the year 2020, around fifty hand picked mortals will be granted first access to a portion of VulcanVerse – an area of Arcadia, where it is eternally summer. The progress and exploration of this chosen few will only be temporary. When Vulcan has seen enough, he will close this early access to his world and deconstruct all that has been built. These early inhabitants, blessed with luck, will be free to communicate their findings with those outside of VulcanVerse by whatever means they have access to.

As the Record Keeper, I will be documenting events in VulcanVerse both in the form of scrolls and books as well as here in the VulcanVerse Chronicles and I hope you will join me on this journey – and possibly in VulcanVerse too.

The Record Keeper

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  1. Cryptofandito

    You’re doing amazing work my friend. Vulcan himself will be proud of what this has and will continue to become. Thank you for your contribution to preserving the origins and history of VulcanVerse for years to come!

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